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AIDS: Day of dialogue with civil society in Guidimagha  

A day of dialogue with civil society to assess the progress of activities of fight against AIDS in Guidimagha, opened Saturday in Sélibaby. On this occasion, Mr. Bass Aboubekrine, Regional Executive Secretary presented a briefing on the situation of activities for awareness undertaken by civil society organizations, these last four months, in the moughataa of Sélibaby. Opening the meeting, organized by the executive secretariat of the regional fight against AIDS in Guidimagha. The Wali mouçaid in charge of administrative affairs, Mohamed Ould Nany, called civil society to redouble their efforts to better confront this scourge against which it that is prevention. He recalled the geographical position of Guidimagha which is one of wilayas most vulnerable to the disease. For his part, Mr. Bass Aboubekrine, Regional Executive Secretary gave a presentation on the situation of advocacy companies, these last four months, by civil society organizations in the moughataa Sélibaby. During the meeting,

Participants highlighted the difficulties encountered in their advocacy especially at the level of voluntary testing. Recommendations were made to strengthen the capacity of civil society in the domain of the fight against AIDS.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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