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AIDS, TB, MALARIA: The organization of a workshop to raise awareness of civil society  

A workshop to launch a project to mobilise the peoples of the moughataa of Dar Naim on the dangers of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria opened on Tuesday in Dar Naim.

Organized by the Association of African Women against AIDS, the workshop, funded by the Fund to support the professionalization of non-governmental organizations, aims to sensitize stakeholders in the moughataa of Dar Naim on the importance of this project and encourage them to participate in operations raise public awareness about the dangers of these diseases.

In a word for the occasion, Mr. Ould Cheikh Bouasrya, secretary general of the ministry in charge of Relations with Parliament and Civil Society, said that this awareness project "is of particular importance, since touching a sensitive aspect of health dice and people being executed by a non-governmental organization that specializes in mobilizing and awareness against communicable diseases, including AIDS. "

For his part, Mr. Abdallahi Ould Abdel Vettah, coordinator of the Support Fund to the professionalization of non-governmental organizations, said that this project, funded by his institution for an amount of 2 million ouguiyas, is part of the part of the second phase of small projects financed by the Fund and for the most landlocked Dar Naim.

For her part, Sanaa Mint El Alaass, president of the Association of African Women against AIDS, stressed that the draft, which lasts 10 months, will allow the Association to conduct an awareness campaign continues against AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria through people who will be trained for this purpose.

Participants then attended two briefings on areas of intervention project in the moughataa Dar Naim and stages of project implementation. ,

The ceremony was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Health, hakem and the mayor of Dar Naim and the charge d'affaires at the Sudanese Embassy in Nouakchott.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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