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Destruction of 16 tons of falsified medicine or with expired validity  

Sixteen tons of adulterated drugs falsified or whose validity expired Wednesday have been incinerated at 52 km east of Nouakchott.

 The destruction of these dangerous products took place under the supervision of the Acting Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and in the presence of regional authorities and representatives of the Federation of investors in the pharmaceutical industry and order in Mauritania doctors, pharmacists and dentists. 

Commenting on the event, Dr. Hamoud Ould Mohamed Vadel, director of pharmacy and laboratory said that drugs destroyed include some forged and others their validity is completely expired. 

The director added that part of the consignment was handed over voluntarily by wholesalers and the rest confiscated in the local market with the support of authorities, reiterating that the cremation was carried out with caution so that it poses no risk, both for people and the environment. 

This action, he said, reflects the determination of governments to safeguard the health of citizens and to block any attempt to expose products on the market and damaging doubtful. 

The director of pharmacy has finally called on citizens to cooperate with the competent authorities to eradicate the phenomenon of import of pharmaceuticals falsified or expired.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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