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Pro biotic: A bacterium 'candidate for the treatment of Crohn's disease  
Bacteria of the intestinal flora play a key role in Crohn's disease, and could be used to develop new treatments for chronic inflammatory disease of the intestine which affects more than 100,000 people in France, according to French study.
The results of the team Philippe Langella of the National Institute of Agronomic Research (INRA-ecology and physiology of the system - digestive) and fellow researchers of Inserm (Philippe Seksik, Harry Sokol) in collaboration with Philippe gastroenterologist Hammer (hospital Lariboisière, Paris) appeared online Tuesday in the Proceedings of the American Academy of Sciences, the PNAS. Researchers have shown that intestinal bacteria (a complex called "intestinal microbiota") of patients with Crohn marked a deficit of Clostridium bacteria leptum group. They discovered that the presence in very small quantities of a major member of this group, the bacteria "Faecalibacterium prausnitzü" (F. prausnitzii) was responsible for a large part of this deficit.
The presence of the latter in very small quantities, even his absence, in patients appears to be an explanation to the disruption of their immune system in the intestine. Obstruction, abscesses, perforation are among the complications of the disease by changing surges (pain, diarrhea ...).
In addition, patients had to be made of the intestine, the risk of recidivism (repeated crises) is even more important than the level of bacteria in the intestine F.prausnitzü is low. The authors have shown in vitro on cultured cells, the bacteria that has significant anti-inflammatory properties through molecules it secretes. Moreover, in mice, administration of
the bacterium in question, F. prausnitzü, or molecules it secretes reduced intestinal inflammation and improves survival. In addition, the administration orally or by injection suggests a spread of this bacteria-key via the bloodstream. An important point to develop treatments, according to researchers. The continuation of this work could lead to the manufacture of a new pro biotic (micro-organisms beneficial to the balance of intestinal flora and health) or on new treatments for chronic inflammatory diseases of the intestine (IBD ).


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