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Gift of drugs and consumables by Taziast Mauritania to CHN  


Mr. Mohamed Salem Ould Mamoun, General Secretary of the Ministry of Mines and Industry has overseen this Sunday at the company's headquarters Taziast Mauritania SA Limited (TML SA) in Nouakchott operation rebate amounts of drugs and consumables medical donation of the company to National Hospital (CHN), Akjoujt dispensary and clinic of the Association of Customs.


Speaking on this occasion, the two general secretaries of ministries of finance and health MM respectively. Mohamed Ould Ely and Mohamed Ould Ely Telmoudy stressed in turn the importance of this donation will help to reinforce the equipment of two of our facilities.
The Secretary General of the Ministry of Finance noted in particular that "the equipment operating Taziast that Mauritania has made available to us will undoubtedly be the cornerstone of technical equipment for the clinic Customs and enable it to fully achieve its objectives through better health coverage for civil servants of our department.
For its part, his counterpart of Health, Dr. Mohamed Ould Ely Telmoudya said that this contribution will participate in the improvement of health services that the hospital presents to national citizens.
The vice president of the company Taziast Mauritania SA Ltd, Dr. N. Karamo Mohamed Sonko said that since Red Back Mining, a Canadian company, acquired Taziast Mauritania SA Ltd in August 2007, it pledged to increase its investment in Mauritania "in particular" project financing social ".
In this context, "the boss of the company Taziast Mauritania SA Ltd," we are convinced that the best investment that can be left after the mine closed in a few years, the achievements we have left behind us made health and education. "
Note that the social projects being TML SA include a school of mines, two annual scholarships to study engineering in France, training for 105 street children in Nouakchott, plus a donation to the hospital ophthalmic Bouamatou .
Recall that TML SA operates in the area of gold in the locality of El Ghaicha "north of the wilaya of Inchiri.
The ceremony of the donation took place in the presence of Directors General Hospital and National Customs and officials of the Ministry of Industry and Mines and others.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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