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Health Sector Investment Program  

The overall objective of the Health Sector Investment Project for Mauritania is to improve the health status of the population in general--and of underserved groups in particular) through providing more accessible and affordable quality health services. There are four components. The first expands health service coverage, improves health services performance, improves heath facility utilization rates, institutes quality assurance measures.

 The second component strengthens the planning, management, and administrative performance of the Ministry of Health and Social Affairs (MSAS); decentralizes decisionmaking to districts and health facilities; strengthens coordination of donors and nongovernmental organizations; improves health sector financing; implements effective health information and epidemic surveillance systems; and improves health personnel management. The third mitigates the effects of infant and child mortality, maternal mortality, young child malnutrition, and infectious diseases (while increasing preventive care).

The fourth component promotes social action through research and service provision and creates a conducive policy and legislative framework.** 

Source: worldbank.org  


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