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The Prime Minister inaugurated a new production line of couscous in the company of Famo  

The Prime Minister, Mr. Mohamed Ould Moulaye Laghdhaf inaugurated on Wednesday in Nouakchott, a new production line of couscous under the company of  Famo Mauritania, which is specialized in the manufacture of pasta. 

This manufacturing unit has a capacity of 1200 kg per hour, and replaces the old line of couscous; and add to the two existing channels of pasta. 

The achievement of this production tool has cost over 700 million ouguiyas, including construction of a new hangar. 

The project was financed through a loan from the General Bank of Mauritania (GBM).

 The administrator general manager of the Famo, Ahmed Ould Hamza has on this occasion, thanked the Prime Minister for his presence at the inauguration of this channel which is an important step in the process of industrialization and modernization of the production tool. He said that the acquisition of this new machine comes at a time when the economic environment of society is not very favorable. Because, he added, the company is facing, on the one hand to higher costs and, secondly, to unfair competition and anarchic tampered products. 

This situation, "said Hamza Ould Famo resulted in a spiral of financial loss, when it has received no subsidies to cope with rising costs of production factors: raw materials, energy, freight , ETC. 

He however said that if FAMO Mauritania opted for investment in this lean period, it is because she believes, as experienced and industrial and pioneers in the field, that our country needs' a domestic industry competitive in a globalized world unforgiving. 

"Already rich in events like the history of Mauritania FAMO as the first national industry of pasta and couscous, is the first fruit of faith that was its founding, all uprooted by the death in their own ability to combine their efforts to succeed, "he said before giving a heartfelt tribute to the missing and to pray that God bless their souls.


Mr. Ould Hamza expressed "determination of the new generation, Mr. Philippe Vignon, the new Chairman of the Board, myself, the heirs of Abeidy O. Gharraby and Teyeb O. Sneiba, as well as Other partners in the PSC as Inigo Paternina and Hans Van Der Graaf, to continue and improve the work of our founding fathers of FAMO.

He thanked all the staff of FAMO for their tireless efforts during the assembly and the start of this new machine that, without their admirable contribution, would not be functional as it is. 

The chairman of the board of Famo, Mr. Philippe Vignon, for his part, expressed his joy for the presence of Prime Minister at the ceremony, which shows if necessary to place today in FAMO the Mauritanian economy, its commitment to Mauritania and its readiness to work with the outstanding staff FAMO. 

He added that the company has taken an important step in modernizing its tool and despite the financial crisis, unfair competition and anarchy of traffic. 

Mr. Vignon asked the management and employees of FAMO to redouble their efforts so that this new production tool can help improve product quality to meet consumers more Mauritania. 

Following the ceremony, the Prime Minister and the delegation accompanying him visited the facilities of the chain and received detailed explanations on the manufacturing process of couscous and quality of technology used for this purpose . 

The inauguration was attended by members of government, senior officials of the State, local authorities and several businessmen nationals.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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