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FINANCE: Meeting of African Caucus, in the beginner of August, Nouakchott  
The Mauritania will host, from next Friday in Nouakchott, the annual meeting of the Group of African governors with the International Monetary Fund and World Bank "African Caucus" that Mauritania ensures the rotating presidency since October 2007.

During this continental meeting of two days, the group should discuss and adopt common positions in relation to the current concerns of these two institutions.

In an interview granted Monday afternoon, the national press, the governor of the Central Bank of Mauritania, Mr. Kane Ousmane, explained that the meeting of Nouakchott should lead to a joint statement by the Africans on the balance between the urgency of mobilizing financial resources for its development and the obligation to control the level and quality of debt on the continent.

"This declaration to be called" Declaration of Nouakchott should invite all donors to review their credit policy to respect certain principles of transparency and minimum to take into account the need for Africa to develop its infrastructure basis, "he said.

"So the meeting on 1 August will see, besides the participation of African governors, 26 of which have already confirmed their arrival in Nouakchott and DG IMF, the President of the Islamic Development Bank, Mr. Ahmed Mohammad Ali and the Governor of the Development Bank of the People's Republic of China, Mr. Yuan Chéri. The event will also be marked by the participation of directors representing the African continent with the World Bank and IMF as well as senior officials of the European Union, the World Bank, African Development Bank and the Arab Bank for Economic Development of Africa ".

Mr. Kane Ousmane said that this year's meeting will be preceded by the visit of the IMF Managing Director, Mr. Dominique Strauss-Kahn, will undertake in our country from 31 July to 1 August 2008. The Managing Director of IMF spend the day on 31 July in a bilateral visit to our country and participate on 1 August, the work of the first day of Governors in Africa.

He added that on this occasion, the governors will exchange on the theme "Financing for Development in Africa: the role of donors non-traditional."

The visit of IMF Managing Director will be used to review the state of cooperation between our country and the institution he leads. It will, in particular, the opportunity to discuss the assistance that the Fund may make to the success of the Special Programme for Intervention (PSI) on the one hand, and the success of ongoing reforms to the ministry 's Economy and Finance and the Central Bank of Mauritania, on the other. It is expected to make a presentation of the PSI Director General on the occasion of the visit he will make the Prime Minister. Mr. Strauss-Kahn will be accompanied by his wife, for which a special programme has been developed.

The governor of the BCM has further clarified that a day of August 2 will be reserved exclusively African governors. It will be devoted to the discussion of issues that the Group will bring to the attention of leaders of the two institutions of Bretton Woods. It should be a priority, technical assistance to African countries by the IMF in a context of budgetary constraints, support the efforts of African countries who face skyrocketing food prices and oil and financing of agriculture. These discussions will result in a memorandum to be handed over to the primary responsibility of these institutions at the annual meetings in October 2008. The preparation of basic documents of the discussions on August 2 was assigned to the offices of administrators in Africa. Mr. Kane Ousmane has yet said that this event, continental, will have positive repercussions for the image. the country but also for the promotion of its tourist activity. To ensure success, an inter-ministerial committee to oversee his organization had been established. Chaired by the Minister of Economy and Finance, the Committee included the Minister of Foreign Affairs and Cooperation, the Minister of Handicrafts and Tourism, Minister of the Interior, the Minister of Transport, the Minister of Culture and Communication and the Governor of the BCM. To facilitate its work, technical committees were formed in the areas of logistics such as hosting, security, communication, organization, transportation, accommodation and catering.

The funding requirements required are estimated at one hundred and twenty million ouguiyas. A special committee was established at the BCM with the participation of two senior Ministry of Economy and Finance, to validate all acquisitions of goods and services necessary for this event.

Recall that African Caucus gathers all the governors representing the 53 African countries with the Bretton Woods institutions. For example, Mauritania is represented at the World Bank by the Minister of Economy and Finance, and with the International Monetary Fund by the Governor of the Central Bank.

Baba Dianfa TRAORE

Source: AMI/PMD  


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