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THE DIRECTOR OF OPERATIONS OF THE WB TO THE PRESS: The PSI. will profit of a support a $ 9 million  
"Mauritania will receive immediate support from the World Bank of $ 9 million to address the food crisis currently shaking many countries," said Madani Tall, director of operations of the WB for Mauritania. Mr. Madani Tall, who was speaking during a press conference on Wednesday at the headquarters of his institution in Nouakchott, said that this donation is intended to support the special programme of assistance established by the Mauritanian authorities to mitigate the consequences of food and energy crises of today. He added that his first visit to Mauritania, as operations manager of the WB for Mauritania, Côte d'Ivoire, Niger and Togo, enabled him to meet with the Mauritanian authorities, economic operators and development partners in the country about the food crisis and energy and attitude to take to reduce their impact on the population.

The head of the WB said that the current crisis is an opportunity for reviving agriculture and refocus everyone's attention on the importance of this sector. He reiterated the intention of his institution to assist Mauritania in its efforts aimed at implementing new strategies to cope with such crises.

  Mr. Madani Tall said he will strive to ensure that the WB is as active as possible in this area and stressed the need to build a strategy for youth employment along with continued efforts in health, ' education, justice, good governance and fight against corruption in order to find lasting solutions to problems that hinder the development of countries.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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