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Release of a women’s group from the center of learning of the fishing professions  
Release of a women’s group from the center of learning of the fishing professions 
Mr. Hassen Ould Ely, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy oversaw on Tuesday morning in the Mauritanian center to the social and educational professions of traditional fisheries and continental in Nouakchott the leaving first class of women from this center. 

The outgoing, numbering 50, were trained in the treatment of fish, in all its forms, in order to take advantage of all the components of fish. The treatment methods used strictly adhere to the criteria of hygiene and quality. 

Speaking at the occasion, the director of the center above, Mr. Sidi Ali Ould Sidi Boubacar said that the supervision of the ceremony out of this promotion by the Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy shows interest given by the High Council of State under the leadership of General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, head of the state to teaching fishing professions. 

It is clear that the training program in effect at the center is adapted to the situation of women in Mauritanian society, in the sense that the profession in which women were trained to give each of them the opportunity to produce, so easy, products with high nutritional value for their families and market in their neighborhoods. 

He added that the center was established in January 2008 to train in the field of professional fishing, emphasizing the value of this training for people in coastal cities and women in particular to the exploitation of fishery products in order to fight against poverty. 

On the sidelines of the ceremony out of the promotion, the minister has heard detailed explanations in the training rooms on the various stages of training which have increased output. 

The ceremony was attended by Minister for Social Affairs, Children and Family Affairs, Secretary General of the Ministry of Fisheries and Maritime Economy, some department officials and local administrative authorities.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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