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Symposium reflection on the re-boosting role of men in family planning  
The network of Mauritanian women journalists organized, in collaboration with the United Nations fund for population activities (UNFPA), Saturday evening in Nouakchott, a brainstorming seminar under the theme of "re-boosting the role of 'man in the family planning ".

During the symposium, organized within the framework of the celebration of World Day of the population, a series of lectures and conferences, among others, on the diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases, the role of man in boosting and extension of family planning and the position of Islam vis-à-vis this issue were presented.

In a word pronounced on that occasion, Ms. Zeinebou mint Ely Salem, secretary general of the Ministry of Culture and Communication has insisted on "the effective role that can play the press, including women journalists in raising awareness", stressing that their role as journalists is inseparable from their role in educating children and strengthening families through their articles.

The secretary general said that "boosting the role of men in family planning is not confined only to aspects than usual but to include those of preserving the family against the dislocation."

For its part, Ms. Salka Mint Sneid, president of the association of women journalists said that this structure is based on its policy on gender approach to ensure complementarity between man and woman " , Stressing that members of the association "have extensive experience in carrying out the ways that enlighten public opinion on health issues, social and political."
Source: AMI/PMD  


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