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Workshop of consultation and validation of the IEC sectoral strategy  
A workshop for consultation and validation of the sectoral strategy for information, education and communication (IEC) was held on Tuesday morning in Nouakchott by the Ministry for the Promotion of Women, Children and the family. This workshop is part of the department efforts to improve its services. 

At the opening of the workshop, Ms. Fatimetou Mint Khattri, Minister in charge of promoting women, children and the family has indicated that the interest made towards improving the situation of women, the Children and the family is the result of the political will of the President of the Republic and the particular importance it attaches to the sector.

The gathering aims, according to the documents of the workshop, promote a dialogue on re-boosting the role of information and communication in the world, particularly in terms of changing attitudes and capacity building ".
Aware of this, the Department of Promotion of Women of Children and Family established a unit responsible for information, education and communication (IEC) in order to promote the mobilization and awareness on the problems of their department and propose appropriate solutions.

 The Minister said that the global and sustainable development remains an elusive goal because first of all depends on the awareness of beneficiaries and actors and their active participation. And note that this state of affairs command greater efforts of mobilization and awareness and adoption of strategy and communication approaches able to open up new avenues and to liberate people from ignorance and backwardness that mentality constitute an impediment to development.

 "The strategy will be validated, says Mint Khattri, falls within the framework of the efforts of the Department of Promotion of Women of Children and Family aimed primarily women and policy makers, development partners, leaders opinion, civil society and the public in general.

The opening ceremony of the workshop was attended by Mr. Mohamed Ould Amar, Minister of Culture and Communication, Secretary General of the Ministry for the Advancement of Women, Children and Family Affairs and other senior department.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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