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WOMEN: Validation of a study on the establishment of a pension fund  
The Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and Family Affairs, Ms. Fatimetou Khattry Ment, said that the creation of a pension fund is part of an action plan for the Promotion of women, Children and Families sector, aimed to improving the situation of the Mauritanian family, including one whose head of household is a woman because the fringe of women is regarded as one of the poorest. This is especially true that this fringe does not have access to credit, training and employment, said the minister.

The Minister made the statement Wednesday in Nouakchott, when opening a workshop on validation of the study on the creation of a case of alimony.

Ms. Mint Khattry said that the revitalization of the family lies at the heart of the concerns of public authorities on the understanding that the family is the basic functional unit of society and the field of education of the child.

She noted that the pension fund in terms of building aims to help families cope with the spread of the phenomenon of divorce and its negative impact on families and children, reaffirming that the study, the subject of the workshop, takes into account in its approach, data and socio economic and cultural latest.

The minister called on participants to begin to give their comments, observations and suggesfions way to go out with a document refined likely to be a framework for preserving the rights of the family on board.

The ceremony was attended by Mr. Yahya Ould Sid'El Moustaph, Minister of Islamic Guidance and Education original, secretaries general of ministries of Justice and Promotion of Women, Children and the Family, respec ¬ tively MM. Sidi Mohamed Ould Sidouba and Moussa Gandéga.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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