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Mauritanian Sportspeople  

Mauritanian Sportspeople are the main pillars on which the sports activities of the country are dependent. It is their field performances which decide the success or the failure rates of the team. In other words, the Mauritanian sportspeople are the determining factors of the overall team performance in a particular sports activity of the country.

Mauritanian sportspeople include all players participating in diverse sports activities on the land. Soccer, rugby football and various athletic activities comprise the major games played in Mauritania. So it is natural for the Mauritania Sportspeople to belong to either of the varied sports teams occurring in the country.

Among sportspersons in Mauritania, mention must be made about the Mauritanian footballers. They are people whose names are inseparably associated with the soccer activities on the land. Prominent among the soccer players in Mauritania is Yoann-Jean-Noël Langlet, who deserves mention. Born on 25th December 1982 in France, he is a French-Mauritanian football midfielder, presently playing for Al-Ittihad. Langlet is also a member of the Mauritania national football team.

The name of Bilal Sidibe as Mauritanian footballer is worth mentioning. Born on 31st of December 1978 in Mauritania, he is the Mauritanian football defender, playing for SJA Le Poire-sur-Vie, the amateur team. Despite being an amateur player, Sidibe as a member of the Mauritania national soccer team scored an individual goal for Egypt in the qualifying round of the African Cup of Nations scheduled in 2008. Till 2007, Sidibé plays for SJA Le Poire-sur-Vie in the French Championnat de France Amateurs 2.

These twin footballers from Mauritania are recognized well, whenever Mauritanian soccer and sports events come up and are discussed.

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