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Opening of the 1st regular session of parliament at the National Assembly  

The first regular session of parliament for the years 2008-2009, at the National Assembly was opened Monday morning in Nouakchott under the chairmanship of the 1st vice president of the chamber, Mr El Arbi. Ould Jiddeine and in the presence of the majority of deputies and some members of the government. 

On this occasion, Mr. El Arbi Ould Jiddeine delivered a speech which here is a translation:

 "Ladies and gentlemen ministers,


I am happy to proceed with the opening of the first regular session for the year 2008-2009. I can not forget first to express my sorrow for the repeated and unjustified absence of the President of the National Assembly. 

My colleagues,

I hope you had a pleasant holydays so you can continue to provide fruitful efforts you dictate your responsibilities towards our people and our beloved homeland.


The last period allowed us all to tackle the legacy of the climate of political tension that some parties inside and outside trying to create for the process of development and prosperity of our country.

We must grasp the magnitude of our responsibility today, more than at any other time, and deal with wisdom and patriotic spirit to the destiny of our nation.

We pay tribute to the recommendation that you made during your last session and through which you try to find compromise solutions for the period through which pass our country.

I also extend my sincere thanks to parliamentary missions that have crisscrossed the country in the world to explain the content of that recommendation and to express your real desire to achieve appropriate solutions to avoid the complication of the crisis and prevent sanctions arbitrary and unfair imposition on our peaceful people.

I take this opportunity to reaffirm our belief that the excess of the current situation requires the opening of a serious national dialogue and constructive, whatever the differences of views on recent events that our country has known and some are designations that we have done.

To do this, I run on your behalf, appealed to all political forces to sacrifice their subjective interests and uphold the interest of the homeland to save our country of the dangers that threaten it and preserve our people against events that he could not bear, in a world marked by financial crises and economic and where there is room for the United Nations and solidarity.


Dear colleagues,

We commend the government for the courage he has shown and for the flexibility and responsibility that marked his efforts to present its policy program by secret ballot and for winning the confidence of parliament in this test.

We also note with satisfaction the introduction by the government in its policy statement, the recommendation made by parliament and on the current political situation and being seen as an effective framework of any approach to exceed the 'stage, to ensure a bright future in our country.

We also express our full appreciation for the successive measures taken by the President of the High Council of State, Head of State, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz to improve the living conditions of citizens and we include:

-Direct contact with the people to learn about their living conditions, even in neighborhoods,

- Increased health coverage of people

- The decline in prices of essential goods

- Distribution of land parcels to the needy and the poor

We hope that all citizens, wherever they are, will benefit from these measures as we applaud the steps taken by the authorities to ensure transparency, fight against mismanagement and strengthen good governance.

We remind the High Council of State the need to respect its commitments regarding the rapid return to constitutional life and full guarantee of separation of powers. In this context, we reiterate our request to reject the alinéat 2 of Article 8 of the Constitutional Charter of the High Council of State.

 Dear Ministers

My colleagues

In all your behalf, I extend special greetings to all organizations and all friendly and brotherly countries that have adopted a positive position and considered vis-à-vis the developments in our country, while calling all our partners to adopt the same design and help us in this particular stage.

 My colleagues,

Our current session to deal with intense parliamentary activities. In addition to the draft finance law in 2009, you may need to consider various other bills, which requires you more seriously and attendance.

Finally, and pursuant to the provisions of Article 52 of the constitution and 76 of the Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly, I declare open the first parliamentary session for the year 2008-2009, wishing every success in your work and my best wishes to you personally. "

Source: AMI/PMD  


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