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Opening a training workshop on alternatives to detention of children in conflict with the law  
The work of a national training workshop for judges and auxiliaries of the work of a national training workshop for judges and court officials on alternatives to detention of children in conflict with the law began Monday morning in Nouakchott .

Organized by the Ministry of Justice in collaboration with UNICEF and the NGO Terre des Hommes ", this 2-day workshop aims to discuss alternative provisions to the incarceration of minors in conflict with the law and appropriate concerted traditions and in accordance with Muslim law and criminal responsibility for children that emphasizes rehabilitation and reintegration rather than punishment and deprivation of liberty by punishing any criminal acts committed.

This view was favored by Ordinance N0 015.2005 from 05 December 2005 criminal protection of the child who calls, that the penalty of deprivation of liberty is taken as a last resort.

On this occasion, Mr. Ball Tidjane Amadou said that Mauritania has adopted a reform of the juvenile justice system that made our country an example cited in the sub-region for the protection of children in all areas to ensure their social participation in nation building. "

The Minister added that the law uses the alternative measures to deprivation of liberty defined as any decision which has the effect of forcing the child to suffer in a particular place, a deprivation of liberty of movement and to be with his parents instead of penalties for criminal acts committed by the child.

For his part, Mr. Said Al-Nammar, UNICEF Representative ai said that the Convention on the Rights of the Child, ratified by Mauritania, in fact mentioned in Article 40 that States Parties shall endeavor whenever this is possible and desirable, measures for dealing with children in conflict with the law without resorting to judicial proceedings.

He also welcomed "the significant progress made by Mauritania in the implementation of the principles and standards of juvenile justice.

For his part, Mr. Pena Juan Fernandez, general coordinator of the Spanish Cooperation in Mauritania said that reform of juvenile justice is now a major, which is the adoption of the draft decree on alternative measures for minors conflict with the law that completes the implementation of the ordinance on the criminal protection of the child mentioned above.

The opening ceremony was attended by Minister of National Education, Minister for Social Affairs, Children and Family Affairs, the Commissioner for Human Rights, Humanitarian Action and relations with civil society and the Secretary General of the Ministry of Justice.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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