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Organization of a workshop on the development of the first stage of the strategy for health development  
The Ministry of Health organized Sunday in Nouakchott, in collaboration with the World Health Organization (WHO) workshop on the development of a national strategy for health development in Mauritania.

The workshop lasts one day to develop the first stage of a national strategy for health development in which representatives of all departments and institutions concerned with health promotion in the country.

According to sources at the Ministry of Health, this meeting will allow participants to exchange ideas and experiences in order to present measures and taking into consideration the requirements of health development and the current and future needs of health policies and in Mauritania their consistency with the requirements of sustainable development.

In a word for circontance, the Minister of Health, Dr. Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Siyam said that Mauritania has made significant steps in the fight against diseases and epidemics as well as regards the institutional frameworks as regards the application of participatory approaches and mobilization of essential resources.

He added that starting the process of health promotion at a time when Mauritania follows, under the leadership of General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, chairman of the High Council of State, Head of State, a national policy "based complementary on transparency and public access to quality health services ", adding that the department is experiencing a rapid development towards the revitalization of hospitals and the strengthening of the institutional infrastructure.

The Minister said that strengthening the health infrastructure is reflected in the existence of centers for heart disease, cancer and psychiatric and other services which play an important role in the health sector in Mauritania.

He also stated that health promotion has become a strategic choice followed by people to solve the problems of contemporary life in the field of health, stating that health promotion is not only a new approach to accelerate the achievement of health goals or an alternative policy in place in the country but rather a set of complementary approaches to address the physical and psychological dimensions.

The WHO representative in Mauritania, Mr. Lamine Cissé Sarr has he stressed the importance of health promotion that takes into account the participation of leaders and stakeholders in the health sector as a means of strengthening the individual and collective participation in health in general.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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