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National Assembly: deputies adopt draft laws on the organization of elections  
The National Assembly adopted on Thursday, during a plenary session chaired by the Vice President, Mr. El Arbi Sidi Ould Ali draft laws on elections introduced by the government.

1 project involves the creation of an administrative body called the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC), composed of 15 members chosen from among independent personalities of Mauritanian nationality known for their competence, their honesty, their intellectual honesty and experience.

The law states that the commission's role is to monitor, supervise elections, monitor, implement operations relating to the referendum and elections and to ensure the organization of elections.

This commission, CENI, shall, in addition to compliance with the electoral law in order to guarantee the legality, transparency and honesty of elections and which candidates and voters their rights and facilitate the mission of national observers and International elections.

MEPs also adopted a draft law establishing the special rules of organizing the vote Mauritanian abroad as participants in the General Meeting on democracy as a right for citizens and a duty of the national community against them .

The law establishes, moreover, the rules for organizing elections abroad and the conditions requisite for electors for the preparation of electoral lists and polling operations.

The law also includes the creation of electoral districts abroad for the vote of the Mauritanian diaspora, the opening of polling stations, the distribution of voter cards and determine the role of the Independent National Electoral Commission in the operations voting outside the country.

During the same meeting, the members have finally adopted a Bill which amends and supplements the provisions of Ordinance 91 -027 on the election of the President of the Republic in order to introduce new conditions more stringent eligibility that fill gaps in the 1st text.

These new requirements focus on increasing the number of council members required to validate the candidate for the presidency to which 100 mayors and 5 the introduction of a financial bond in the amount of 5 million ouguiya and setting a ceiling of 2% of voters for this deposit is refundable.

The representatives urged the people, when discussing the government to worry about more transparency and honesty in the time ahead.

The Minister of Interior and Decentralization reassured members on the plan stating that the Government has taken all necessary measures to this end.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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