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Signing of an agreement between the State and society mauritanien copper mines in Mauritania  
Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Ouda, Minister of Industry and Mines said that his department works according to the high guidance of the President of the High Council of State, Head of State, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, to propagate the spirit of openness towards foreign investors, on the one hand, and to bring up to the countries of exploiting its natural resources, on the other hand, on the basis of transparency and good management.

The minister who spoke Sunday at the signing of an agreement between the State and society mauritanien copper mines of Mauritania said that the signature reflects the credibility of the wise path taken by the government since the change from 6 August to create a climate of understanding, peace and protection of common interests with investors and partners, which today made the country a preferred destination for many actors mining he said.

He added that the agreement will also address a situation remained for 4 years, and this unresolved after difficult negotiations which took place in a climate of goodwill, partnership and finding sustainable balance of interests the State of Mauritania and the international grouping that includes the Canadian company First Quantum Minerals Ltd, the Emirati society "Wadi Raoudha and the Australian General Gold International.

The Minister expressed its appreciation for the spirit of understanding displayed by the society of copper mines in Mauritania, especially as regards the mining tax and commitment to contribute in kind in the maintenance of the road to Akjoujt despite the difficult international economic situation.

He Aboubecrine Zein Zoubeidi, board member of the copper mines of Mauritania and representative of the President of the Board said that the Mauritanian Mining Code and the climate of stability and security enjoyed by the country constitute an incentive for investment in Mauritania.

He expressed the hope that the company mines copper Mauritania increase its investment in this country that contains encouraging signs, he said.

It should be noted that the copper mines in Mauritania was established in December 2004 and commenced operations effective February 20 2007. It is the result of a partnership between a private consortium including Canadian First Quantum Minerals Ltd. with a 80% Emirati society "Raoudha Wad" (19% and the Australian General Gold International (1%).

The annual output of this company that offers employment opportunities in 1000 was 120 000 tons of concentrates containing 25% copper and 2 tons of gold.

The signing ceremony was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Industry and Mines, the directors of the central department, General Manager of the copper mines of Mauritania and others.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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