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Senate to adopted a bill on private surveillance, janitorial and transportation funds  
The Senate passed Sunday during a plenary session held under the chairmanship of Mr. Mamadou Ba, said M'Baré, president of the chamber a bill on private surveillance, janitorial and transportation funds.

This bill seeks to reorganize the business activities mentioned above, to make them conform to the requirements of development in our country and to open against the access of foreigners to these trades.

On this occasion, Mr. Maaouya Ould Mohamed, Minister of Interior and Decentralization stressed in his presentation before the Senate, the importance of the draft text in the security of private property and the preservation of our country against the problems of development and modernity.

The Minister added that the project in question concerns the organization of this area and defining the conditions required for companies wishing to invest in this sector that must be reserved entirely to the holders of Mauritanian nationality, including retired military and Security whose experience and professional qualities are useful in this field.

The Minister said that these companies must comply with the conditions listed in this bill in the composition of their files and the selection of its officers and employees, stating that the organization of these activities contribute to the development of investment and to reduce unemployment.

During their speeches, the senators stressed the need for employees to ensure their safety, noting that the drafting of laws is not enough in itself if not accompanied by the desire to implement .

They also called for strict enforcement of the provisions of this bill to organize this vital sector for the security and development.

The Interior Minister was assisted during this meeting some of its employees.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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