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The Minister of Health decorates a worker from his department
Abdallahi Ould Mohamed Siyam decorated on behalf of the President of the High Council of State, Head of State, Mr. Sid'El Moktar Ould Moustapha, nurse of State for Health Center Moughataa Taintane of Medal of Honor of the third class.
The President of HCE visits health facilities
President of the High Council of State (HCE), Head of State, General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz made Wednesday a visit of information and contacts for health centers in Riyadh and Arafat.
AIDS, TB, MALARIA: The organization of a workshop to raise awareness of civil society
A workshop to launch a project to mobilise the peoples of the moughataa of Dar Naim on the dangers of AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria opened on Tuesday in Dar Naim.
AIDS: Day of dialogue with civil society in Guidimagha
A day of dialogue with civil society to assess the progress of activities of fight against AIDS in Guidimagha, opened Saturday in Sélibaby.
Health: Workshop on technical guide for integrated disease surveillance
A workshop to validate the technical guide for integrated disease surveillance began Monday in Nouakchott.
Mauritania Receives US$10 million for Reforms in the Health Sector
The World Bank Board of Executive Directors today approved an International Development Association (IDA) credit of US$10 million to assist the Government of Mauritania in the implementation of the human resource development pillar of its poverty reduction strategy paper.The overall objective of the Health and Nutrition Support Project is to strengthen the health system..
Synergy between public health and veterinary services
Livestock contribute to the livelihood of at least 70% of the worlds' rural poor.1 In arid and semi-arid ecosystems of sub-Saharan Africa, livestock holders (mobile or settled pastoralists and agro-pastoralists) use vast grazing lands and residuals of crops that otherwise could not be used productively.2Y et, they are marginalised from development processes and vulnerable to exclusion from health services ...




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