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Release of a women’s group from the center of learning of the fishing professions
Mr. Hassen Ould Ely, Minister of Fisheries and Maritime Economy oversaw in the Mauritanian center to the social and educational professions of traditional fisheries the leaving first class of women from this center.
CONTROL AT SEA: Moratorium for the regularization of fishing vessels
Fisheries Minister, Mr. Assane Soumaré said he recently received operators inshore fisheries to consider their demands relating to mauritanisation certain vessels fishing in our territorial waters for more than two years without licences due to this effect.
Fishing provides more than half of all export earnings
The waters off the 754-kilometer-long coast of Mauritania are among the richest fishing grounds in the world. In 1986 estimates of the country's potential annual marine resources ranged between 400,000 and 700,000 tons.
Transforming fisheries
The fishing industry would be well served by an enhanced energy infrastructure. Blessed with rich seas along its 430-mile coast, Mauritania’s fisheries constitute 25-30 percent of the country’s budget. It could be looking at an even larger catch with the installation of large freezing and packaging units.Processing fish for export in Mauritania would boost the industry and add value..




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