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Oil: Prices rising again
Oil prices have returned a higher Tuesday morning in the wake of the rise in Asian equity markets. Around 5:30 GMT, the December contract on the U.S. light crude gained 78 cents, or 1.23%, 64.00 dollars a barrel and Brent took 44 cents (0.72%) was 61.85 dollars.
Oil: The drop in OPEC supply should not stabilize prices in the short term
The decline in production by OPEC decided Friday to short-term risk of not being able to stop the fall in prices of black gold, undermined by concerns about economic recession, but could in the longer term sow the conditions for a sharp rebound in prices.
Oil: The barrel drop of nearly $ 3
Oil prices have fallen by nearly three dollars in New York on Tuesday, falling to their lowest in nearly three months because of declining consumption of fuels in the USA and a rising of the dollar.
Oil: High prices and economic crisis affecting the demand for crude
The Organization of Petroleum Exporting Countries (OPEC) has revised last Tuesday its forecast of increased demand for crude in the world to 1.20% in 2008 against a previous estimate of 1.28% due to continuing high prices of black gold and the global economic crisis.
Oil price: More and more airline bankruptcies
Some 25 airlines companies have ceased operations or gone bankrupt during the first six months of the year due to skyrocketing prices for fuel, a figure unmatched, according to the International Air Transport Association (Iata).
Oil: Slight fall in U.S. crude stocks before the U.S.
Oil prices are stable at around 137 dollars for a barrel, investors awaiting the weekly publication of the state of American stocks of crude and that release of the Monetary Policy Committee of the Federal Reserve.
Oil: The barrel back over $ 135
Oil prices have rebounded to more than 135 dollars a barrel Monday after the marked decline caused by the prospect of an increase in Saudi production.
Prime Minister receives a delegation of the French company Total
Prime Minister, Mr. Zein Ould Zeidane received in audience, on Monday evening, in his office in Nouakchott, a mission of the Total French company concerned by the oil exploration in the pond of Taoudenni
Mauritania: Banda NW-1 hits gas
PC Mauritania I Pty Ltd. detected gas in Banda NW-1 after running wireline logs in the exploration well drilled in PSC Area B off the Mauritanian coast. The well was drilled to a total depth of 2,703 metres (8,868 ft) by Atwood Oceanics Inc.
Situation and perspectives of the petroleum in Mauritania.
Several discoveries were announced, since May, 2001. The recoverable reserves of oil (in the fields of Chinguitti, Walata (ex-Tiof) and Tevet) are of the order of 400 million barrels.
Mauritania Mining
Mauritania's mineral wealth has been exploited since Neolithic times. Archeological evidence of a copper mining and refining site near Akjoujt in west-central Mauritania dates from 500 to 1000 B.C. Modern exploitation of copper at Akjoujt and the more important iron ore deposits between Fdérik and Zouîrât began after independence.
ArcelorMittal signs Mauritanian iron ore deal
BRUSSELS, Jan 8 (Reuters) - ArcelorMittal (ISPA.AS: Quote, Profile, Research), the world's largest steelmaker, said on Tuesday it had signed a deal with Mauritania's Societe Nationale Industrielle et Miniere (SNIM) to develop an iron ore mining project."Under the terms of the Memorandum of Understanding, SNIM and ArcelorMittal will jointly develop a large iron ore mining project,
Mauritania tightens oil security after attacks
NOUAKCHOTT, Jan 9 (Reuters) - Mauritania will tighten security around its fledgling oil industry following recent attacks by suspected al Qaeda militants on French tourists and government soldiers, its oil minister said on Wednesday.The Islamic Republic, which straddles black and Arab West Africa,




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