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ENERGY: A gas power station for Nouakchott, in the study
Mauritania has signed with the Malaysian company Petronas a memorandum of understanding to launch a study on the establishment in Nouakchott of a gas power station, with a capacity of 700 MW, which a first part will be delivered before the end of 2011.
The Head of State kicks off the rehabilitation and construction of 96 km of urban roads in Nouakchott
The Head of State drew the curtain of the symbolic plate of the 1st Avenue in the Nouakchott city called Avenue deceased Mokhtar Ould Daddah, the first President of the Islamic Republic of Mauritania before giving the signal of starting work this avenue
The making of an inter-modal transport hub
Apart from oil and mining, the industrial sector has found it diffi cult to take root on Mauritanian soil.With 80 percent of the country covered by desert, and the aft er eff ects of drought in the 60s and 70s, previous governments have struggled to set employment dynamics in motion or to create value for Mauritanian products.
Arrests over Mauritania killings
Mauritania's authorities say they have arrested nine people in connection with the shooting of four French tourists last month. The nine appeared at a district court in Aleg, the town near where the tourists were killed. Prosecutors in Mauritania alleged the suspects are linked to a group allied to al-Qaeda.




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