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Symposium reflection on the re-boosting role of men in family planning
The network of Mauritanian women journalists organized, in collaboration with the United Nations fund for population activities (UNFPA), Saturday evening in Nouakchott, a brainstorming seminar under the theme of "re-boosting the role of 'man in the family planning ".
SOLAR ENERGY: Four women completed a training course in India on renewable energy
Four women, who received a six months training in India on a pilot project of solar energy in the field for the benefit of three rural villages of Trarza, have returned to Nouakchott Monday after their training.
TRAINING / GENDER: Exhibition of products for women
The Training Centre for the Advancement of Women held Sunday in his headquarters in Nouakchott, an exhibition of products made by its students during the school year 2007/2008.
Gender sensitivity in society
The Constitution provides for equality before the law for all citizens, regardless of race, national origin, sex, or social status, and prohibits racial or ethnic propaganda. In practice the Government often favors individuals on the basis of ethnic and tribal affiliation, social status, and political ties.




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