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Workshop of consultation and validation of the IEC sectoral strategy
A workshop for consultation and validation of the sectoral strategy for information, education and communication (IEC) was held on Tuesday morning in Nouakchott by the Ministry for the Promotion of Women,
Changing Role of Women in Mauritania
Mauritanian women have known different status since the independence. In fact, the Mauritanian woman has fought for her emancipation like any other modern women. Realizing that she can't no more stand for being confined; she has made known her voice in order to participate in the economic and social development of her country
Electoral changes yield victory for women
The senatorial elections earlier this month in Mauritania ended with nine women being elected to hold seats. Combined with the 17 women elected to the national assembly last November, 26 women now sit in Mauritania's Parliament.Since the overthrow of the Mauritanian regime in 2005, a military junta led by Colonel Ely Ould Mohamed Vall has worked to re-establish democratic rule on a two-year timeline.




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