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WOMEN: Validation of a study on the establishment of a pension fund
The Minister for the Promotion of Women, Children and Family Affairs, Ms. Fatimetou Khattry Ment, said that the creation of a pension fund is part of an action plan for the Promotion of women, Children and Families sector,

GORGOL: Awareness Campaign on Women's Rights
An awareness campaign on promoting the rights of women and children was launched Sunday at Kaédi, by the minister responsible for the Advancement of Women, Children and Families, Ms. Fatimetou Mint Khattry.
Mauritania ratified the protocol on women's rights
Lomé, Togo, 15 December 2005. We have been just informed that Mauritania has ratified the Protocol on women’s rights and deposited its instrument with the African Union this 14th December 2005 Congratulations to our colleagues of Mauritanian women’s rights organizations who have been involved in the process since the first meeting of Bamako on the protocol in year 2000.
Mauritania Human Rights Practices 2005
Mauritania, with an estimated population of three million, is a highly centralized Islamic republic ruled by a military junta led by Colonel Ely Ould Mohammed Vall. On November 19 and December 13, voters turned out in large numbers to elect legislative and municipal representatives; international and domestic observers deemed the elections credible.




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