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The prosecution announced the preliminary results of the investigation of the liquidation of “Air Mauritanie” and management of PSI
The prosecutor of the Regional Court of Nouakchott, Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Tiyib today released a statement Friday detailing the preliminary results of the investigation, launched on November 13
Opening of the 1st regular session of parliament at the National Assembly
The first regular session of parliament for the years 2008-2009, at the National Assembly was opened Monday morning in Nouakchott under the chairmanship of the 1st vice president of the chamber, Mr El Arbi. Ould Jiddeine
Opening of the first regular parliamentary session 2008-2009
The first regular parliamentary session 2008-20009 in the Senate was opened Monday under the chairmanship of Mr. Mamadou Ba said M'BAR president of the chamber in the presence of several members of the government.
The President of the High Council of the State, Head of the State: "Management must be rational and should be terminated waste of public funds
General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, chairman of the High Council of State, Head of State stressed on the need to reduce charges included in the cost of butane gas, on the sound management, Also he stressed that Somagaz should bring this product to populations at lower price.
A group of parliamentarians withdrew from the party "Adel"
A group of members of the National Party for Democracy and Development (PNDD-Adel) announced their withdrawal of this political formation.
Electrification: 5384 solar systems in over 200 locations throughout the country
The Development Agency for Rural Electrification (ADER) is currently implementing a programme for the establishment of 4000 households of solar energy in the centre and south of the country (the two Hodhs, Assaba, and Tagant Brakna).
PARLIAMENT: Closing of the 2nd ordinary session in both chambers
The second ordinary session of Parliament was closed Friday in both chambers.
Release of a new class of 50 magistrates
The Minister of public function and the modernization of the administration said Monday in Nouakchott that the effective integration of Mauritania in the circuit of international trade requires the establishment of a viable justice
Mauritania Country Report
The development debates organized by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Development with the assistance of the World Bank Institute are set in a special context that makes them more than timely and current. Mauritania has just adopted a strategic framework for poverty reduction whose formulation was undertaken through an approach of participation, dialogue and exchange
Mauritania becomes Africa's democracy pioneer
'Do not judge me by what I say, but by what I do,' new military ruler Ely Ould Mohammed Vall said - and indeed, Mauritania's three million residents and the rest of the world were in for a surprise. In a development which observers describe as highly unusual for Africa and the Arab world, the military junta of the north-west African Islamic republic Sunday wrapped up a string of elections aimed at handing power over to civilians
Mauritania : a small country gives a big lesson in democracy
Abstract : America is feeling the full impact of the absurd theories of its neo-conservatives, playing like the sorcerer’s apprentice with international relations, who hoped to force the creation of a “Great Middle East” by imposing an imaginary democracy on Iraq. And yet at the same time, a small Islamic country is going through a gentle revolution by which it is proving to those sceptics who doubted it, that democracy can be “grafted” onto a nation whose legislation is largely based on Islamic dogma - but that the operation is always much more successful when it is wanted by the people
Mauritania gets a taste of democracy
Over two decades of authoritarian rule ended overnight in Mauritania. The Saharan nation saw lengthy queues at polling stations for the first election since the overthrow of Maaouya Ould Taya. Taya was president of Mauritania from 1984 until overthrown 21 years later. A military junta has ruled since then and Mauritanian citizens are now finally enjoying the chance to choose their own government.
The Mauritanian experience
Did you see the news ?? Did you watch what is going Mauritania.This Arabic African who many don't know that it is member in the Arab League ,which is usually mentioned in Egyptian Newspapers as some sort of villain Arabic country that has strong relations with Israel and America , strangely we have even stronger relations with Israel and America !!!
Mauritania creates presidential party amid opposition protests
A congress of pro-presidential independent deputies and representatives of small political parties established the National Party for Democracy and Development (PNDD) on Saturday (January 5th) in Nouakchott, local media reported. The PNDD national Council has 255 members and is chaired by Yahya Ould Ahmed al-Waqf, Secretary-General of the Presidency of the Republic.




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