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Electrification: 5384 solar systems in over 200 locations throughout the country  

The Development Agency for Rural Electrification (ADER) is currently implementing a programme for the establishment of 4000 households of solar energy in the centre and south of the country (the two Hodhs, Assaba, and Tagant Brakna).

The interest granted by the government to produce solar energy in rural areas, is reflected in the programmes implemented by the Ministry of Hydraulics and Energy.

Indeed, solar energy is available on average for 10 and 14 hours a day, according to the seasons. It also represents the best way to find a solution, at a reasonable cost, the problem of rural electrification and isolated villages or remote urban centres with production networks and power distribution.

The efforts undertaken in this connection so far have helped to set up solar systems in 5284 profit of 218 localities at the wilayas of Adrar, Trarza, Dakhlet Nouadhibou, Inchiri, Brakna and Hodh El Gharby, plus the establishment of similar programs.

To build the reader about this subject, the Agence Mauritanienne d'Information met with Mr. Fall Youba Ould Taleb, technical director of the Agency for development of rural electrification (ADER), which indicated that his institution has set. place over 5384 solar energy systems in 218 towns and cities electrified 8 through networks operating electric, diesel engines for the benefit of 1730 subscribers R'Kiz, Mederdra, Keur Macène, Ouadane, Aoujeft, Ehel Ain Taya, Tiguint and Nouamghar. He said that the management of these networks has been entrusted to private institutions selected by tender launched by the authority of regulation.

Mr. Fall Youba Ould Taleb also added that the ADER is currently implementing a programme to develop 4000 residential solar energy centre and south of the country (the two Hodhs, Assaba, Tagant and Brakna) , Noting that 50% of the works were completed.

Replying to a question concerning the methods adopted by the ADER in setting up solar energy systems, the technical director of the Agency has clarified that it has two types of systems, one known as name system at 20 watts and the second system is said to 50 watts.

Each system includes a module, a regulator, a battery storage of solar energy as well as light bulbs and other equipment.

He also noted that the 1st system allows two pieces of light, while the second provides the lighting of 4 parts, adding that the two systems can operate radios, televisions black and white and also be used to recharge mobile phones.

Mr. Fall Youba Ould Taleb added that the deadline for the delivery of its services, follows a system of contract, specifying that the Agency shall sign a contract with a duration of 24 months during which the beneficiary, it puts in place the system in return for a sum paid by the beneficiary and a commitment to reparation by the Agency. After this period, the system becomes the property of the recipient.

The technical director pointed out that this system has helped transfer ownership of 2883 solar energy systems to the beneficiaries.

In order to sustain its benefits, ADER provides training for local technicians for mainteqance and promotion of solar technology in rural areas, and this, together with the people who appoint technical officer in charge of the supervision system for the duration of the contract. The agent receives 10% of recoveries, which has created 200 jobs for managers approved with the ADER.

Joint by AMI, Mohamed Ould Boueta, one of the beneficiaries residing in the town of Guimi (Brakna), welcomed the benefits of the ADER in terms of solar energy.

He also expressed the wish to see these benefits spread throughout his city and rural areas in general, because of its benefits and its costs negligible in comparison to those of electricity in urban areas.

Mohamed Lemine Ould Mohamed Ivlahmotid

Source: AMI/PMD  


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