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Workshop on primary health care  
The workshop on the national consultation in the field of primary health care on the statements on the health system and the priority areas of intervention began Monday in Nouakchott.

During this meeting, participants will examine two days, the mechanisms for implementation of the Ouagadougou Declaration of 2008 on primary health care and eight other major topics on the theme of the workshop namely good governance, availability of services, health financing, the health information system, the participation of local communities, human resources, partnerships, research in the health field.

The workshop, which the regional directors of health and hospitals and a number of industry players, will also adapt to the Ouagadougou Declaration at the national reality and to draw on the experience of application of the system put in place in Mauritania in various stages.

In a word for the occasion, Mr. Mohamed Abdallahi Ould Siyam, Minister of Health has indicated that this workshop is part of the interest shown by the high authorities to the health dimension in the lives of citizens and all that is likely to enable improvements in the development and implementation of health policies with a view to bring the health benefits of citizens with limited income. "

The Minister said that the workshop aims to enhance existing capabilities of health personnel and update their knowledge in the field of declarations.

For its part, repésentant of WHO, Mr. Lamine Sarr said that "the adoption of the Declaration of Alma Ata on primary health care in 1978, has led to a revolution public health in the world and particularly in Africa, stating that it "constituted a historic turning point in health spending in the universal principles of social justice, human rights, universal access to services and community participation. "

Participants then listened at the beginning of the workshop, a presentation by the representative of World Health Organization (WHO) on health system based on zones and another on the national health policy presented by the Director of Planning and Programming at the Ministry of Health before the establishment of four workshops with different topics to discuss.

The Ouagadougou Declaration of 2008 on primary care is particularly interested in disease prevention as a rule of health system that also considers health as a fundamental human right.

It also calls for the need to accelerate action by governments and partners and local communities to improve the health status of companies and individuals and partnerships built on the basis of dialogue to transform enactivités concrete commitments.
It should be noted that the consultation workshop on primary health care is organized jointly by the Ministry of Health and WHO.

The ceremony marking the event took place in the presence of Ministers of the Interior and ladécentralisation; of Economic Affairs and Development, Social Affairs, Childhood and Family, Mrs conseillerdu the Prime Minister for Social Affairs, the Secretary General of the Ministry of Health and representatives from UNDP, WHO and UNICEF.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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