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The first vice-president of the National Assembly calls on political forces to sacrifice for the Nation  
works of the extraordinary parliamentary session in the National Assembly have been opened Monday in Nouakchott.

The opening ceremony was held under the chairmanship of First Vice-President of the National Assembly, Mr. El Arby Ould Sidi Aly who called, in a word for the occasion, all the active forces and national sacrifice their own interests in the best interests of the nation until the country reaches its destination.

The full text of the statement of Vice-President:
"It is my pleasure to oversee the opening of the extraordinary parliamentary session was made necessary by the review and discussion of a number of texts that will undoubtedly significant impact on improving the level of governance and the anchoring of the noble values of democracy in our country.

In this context, I must pay tribute, on behalf of all, the great interest we have from the international community and our development partners who have spared no effort to help us rattrapper the community of civilized countries, hoping that they will understand the situation facing our country and help to enable us to achieve, simultaneously, in addition to the unity, stability and development of our country, happiness and well being of our citizens.

I also, on your behalf, all political forces strong and active national sacrifice their own interests to the best interests of the nation until we allow the country to arrive safely, avoid doing our people of the tests above its capacity, in a world plagued by financial and economic crises and there is room only for the nations together.

Dear colleagues,
I hope you had a pleasant stay, despite the fact that the answer to the call of sacred national duty that did not last this holiday a little more. There is no doubt that these holidays were cansacrées the majority, if not wholly, to serve our citizens, in response to the aspirations and hopes of the latter.

Finally, I call you to further your ranks and lead you, as usual, the spirit of responsibility during your discussions and your discussions in order to reach fruit to prosperity and progress for countries and tranquility and serenity to the mind.

Conforemément with Article 53 of the Constitution and the decree which has been read, I declare open this extraordinary parliamentary session. "

During the closing session, the decree from the President of the High Council of State, Head of State covoquant this session to discuss a number of bills introduced by the government, including bills relating to elections Presidential has been read.
Source: AMI/PMD  


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