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Head of State is committed to improve the academic  
General Mohamed Ould Abdel Aziz, Chairman of the High Council of State, Head of State pledged Tuesday to the academic community in Nouakchott to improve the higher education institution.

Here is a translation of the speech by the Head of State delivered during his visit to the University of Nouakchott:
"Bismillah Ramhmani Rahimi,
I would like to thank the administration, teachers and students of the University of Nouakchott to their presence, while expressing the importance attached by government to education in general which is the basis for any thing in our country.

Unfortunately, the education sector has been neglected the last few years, leading to enormous losses which have been reflected negatively on the education reform is necessary for the completion of any other reform.

  The purpose of my visit today is to inform myself about the problems you face, the conditions experienced by students and those in which teachers engaged with a view to taking appropriate measures to improve conditions for all, to ensure the future of Mauritania.

We have already indicated that the means are available but the part that was devoted to key issues is minimal and added that corruption was rampant everywhere, which undermined the country and that we are working to combat devoting the time and effort to ensure that our struggle to succeed. We also rely on the conviction of all Mauritanians for the fact that the mismanagement and corruption have led to the disastrous situation faced by the country for some years and it is necessary that the family or the school before custody of the fight against this phenomenon, which constitutes a real obstacle to progress and development.

I am committed to the academic community to spare no effort to improve conditions for students, employees and the rest of the family.
Following the visit of important measures concerning the conditions of the students will be taken in the area of accommodation as well as the consideration and the search for solutions to problems of transportation, their scholarship and any other action that would benefit and all who contribute to the success and the success of education in the national interest.

I urge the administration and teachers to spare no effort in this direction in the service of Mauritania and for justice and democracy prevail in the country so that each can benefit mauritanien wealth of his country, enjoy its rights and perform its duties, which requires education, the key to everything.
             Thank you. "
Source: AMI/PMD  


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