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Equipment and medical devices for the National Hospital  
The company Petronas Mauritania presented this Sunday at a ceremony held at its headquarters in Nouakchott, equipment, medical equipment and consumables offered at the National Hospital Centre (CHN).

The donation includes medical equipment, beds, scales, tables consultation, wheelchairs, carts, dressings, electrocardiograms, sterilizers and medical consumables.

In receiving the donation, Dr. Mohamed Ould Ely Telmoudy, General Secretary of the Ministry of Health expressed his gratitude to "attend the ceremony, gratis, a major donation of equipment and medicines by the Company I Mauritania Pty Ltd at the National Hospital Centre ".

This donation, he said, "will undoubtedly help to raise the level of medical benefits that CHN provides our people".

For his part, Mr. Sidi Sidi Abdallah Hachem said on behalf of his company, that this gesture will start within the framework of relations between Petronas and Mauritania called to grow and expand.

The ceremony was attended by Secretary General of the Ministry of Petroleum and Mines and the Director of the Centre Hospitalier National.

Source: AMI/PMD  


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