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700 tons of rice distributed to 14 thousands families in the moughataa of El Mina, Arafatt and Ryadh
Mouhamedou Ould Mohamed, commissioner of food safety supervises Sunday in Dar El Baida in the department of El Mina in Nouakchott the start of the free distribution of 700 tons of rice to 14 thousands needy families in the moughataa of El Mina, Arafatt and Ryadh.
The steering committee of the programme to reduce poverty and malnutrition in the wilayas north of the country, funded by the Italian Cooperation, met Thursday in Nouakchott, to assess the first phase of the implementation of this programme and preparing the next stages of the project.
Free market isn't helping us
Food riots are erupting all over the world. To prevent them and to help people afford the most basic of goods,...
GLOBAL: Costly food opportunity to review aid responses
High food prices have brought social unrest but they have also provided a "window of opportunity" to review global policies on the response to food insecurity, said a leading food aid analyst...
Bush orders $200 million for emergency food relief
Washington - Responding aggressively to a worsening global food crisis, President Bush has ordered an estimated $200 million in emergency U.S. food assistance for global relief efforts and to help relieve political instability in some regions.
UNODC calls for assistance to fight drugs, crime and violence in the Sahel
VIENNA, 15 April 2008 (UNODC) - A number of Ministers from West and Central Africa gathered in Vienna today, in conjunction with the UN Commission on Crime Prevention and Criminal Justice, to discuss the growing threat of drugs and crime across the centre of Africa
Hunger threat looms over the world
MOSCOW. (RIA Novosti economic commentator Oleg Mityayev) - Just recently the crisis of the world's financial markets seemed the worst headache of the world economy. But now the threat of the food crisis is mounting with every passing day.
Seed Development Programme
One of the major concerns of the Government of Mauritania is to increase the food self-sufficiency of the population. The most important priorities are to produce high-quality seed within the country, to enhance the quality and quantity of agricultural output and to reduce outlays in foreign exchange for the importation of seeds.




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